The quantity of federal, state and local regulations that flow from having employees continues to grow. Many businesses get ‘caught in the cross-hairs’ as they become liable for the acts of their employees—but are increasingly restricted in what they can do to pre-screen or supervise those employees. The Law Offices of Terry T. Campo, PLLC assists businesses in preventing future problems and guarding against unforeseen liability, but also negotiates reasonable settlement for employers and employees when differences require separation agreements.

Based on his expertise in the arena of government employment, Terry Campo also regularly offers a training lecture on “The Civil Service: What It is and How It Works,” before the Civil Service School of The Leadership Institute in Arlington, Virginia.

Representative Work

  • As General Counsel, developed legal plans to reduce exposure in the Self-Insurance program for an enterprise’s 400,000 part-time workers.
  • Represented non-profit corporation seeking to recover assets, oust President, and liquidate, when a majority of directors had already resigned due to personal conflict with President.
  • Liquidated non-profit corporation’s assets after having regained control of it by dissident Directors.
  • Negotiated voluntary separation of non-profit educational foundation’s founder and President after working relationship with its Chair became untenable.
  • Negotiated with labor union to provide alternative employment opportunities for field-office employees in planned downsizing and closing of several regional offices.
  • Negotiated numerous separation agreements on behalf of both employers and employees preventing litigation.
  • Negotiated and drafted numerous employment contracts on behalf of employers and employees.

Discrimination & Equal Employment Opportunity

  • Upon credible report of sexual harassment and substance abuse by long-serving senior executive of subordinate junior staff, developed plan to isolate victim from supervisor at full-salary, while simultaneously elevating substantiated information to CEO. Ultimate result was termination of perpetrator while victim did not pursue damage claims against company.
  • Advised EEOC Commissioner on efforts to restrict employer use of background checks of prospective employees.
  • Represented State employee in claim that racial discrimination was a factor in promotions.
  • Represented Federal agency and its senior leadership in all Personnel litigation, including claims of violations of union contract, racial discrimination, sex discrimination and sexual harassment.

Whistleblower Protection & Criminal Investigations

  • Represented manager of urgent care health clinic in criminal investigation of chain’s owner for the fraudulent mislabeling of expired vaccines.
  • Provided confidential advice for President of California Charter School during investigation of potential criminal activities by senior employee.
  • Provided confidential advice to Illinois Church that had unknowingly violated charitable trust laws in raising money to provide for extraordinary medical expenses of family.
  • Upon credible report that child pornography had been found on senior government executive’s office computer by a co-worker, developed plan to report evidence to federal law enforcement while protecting identity of witness.
  • Oversaw development of legal plan to implement drug-testing for enterprise’s 15,000 employees.
  • Initiated revocation of security clearance of employee who had been discovered fraudulently billing for overtime and suspected of drug abuse.

Healthcare Liability

  • Developed strategy to minimize liability of agency due to toxic materials used in wartime construction of headquarters by expediting relocation to new facilities.
  • Participated in development of nation-wide Beryllium Disease Notification Program to alert World War II defense workers of possible lung disease “Beryllosis.”