Hundreds of legal issues arise in everyday business activities. Some of the more intensive matters we have handled for our clients include:

Representative Work

  • General legal representation on all corporate matters for family business of media and publishing company started by father of senior Member of Congress.
  • Negotiated Asset Purchase Agreement permitting the sale of heavy equipment and good will of 40 year-old construction firm while retaining its right to continue other operations in its own name.
  • Provided confidential advice for President of California Charter School during investigation of potential criminal activities by senior employee.
  • Provided confidential advice to Illinois Church that had unknowingly violated charitable trust laws in raising money to provide for extraordinary medical expenses of family.
  • Represented non-profit corporation seeking to recover assets, oust President, and liquidate, when a majority of directors had already resigned due to personal conflict with President.
  • Disposed of non-profit corporation’s assets after having regained control of it for dissident Directors.
  • Negotiated voluntary separation of non-profit educational foundation’s founder and President after working relationship with its Chair became untenable.
  • Drafted and negotiated amendments to the Public Health Code on behalf of client pharmaceutical manufacturer.
  • Advised U.S.-based hedge fund with $1.5 Billion under management on legislative oversight of FDA regulation concerning medical devices.
  • Advised U.S.-based hedge fund with $1.5 Billion under management on private, Qui Tam, enforcement of false claims submitted to Medicare by Secondary Payers.
  • Represented manager of urgent care health clinic in criminal investigation of chain’s owner for the fraudulent mislabeling of expired vaccines.

Commercial Real Estate Development

  • Provided confidential advice for commercial real estate developer attempting to resolve aircraft safety issues arising because of building heights near Miramar Naval Air Station.
  • Provided confidential advice in negotiations on commercial real estate negotiations and for condominium developments during economic downturn and ‘credit-crunch.’

Corporate Restructurings, Downsizing and Personnel Negotiations

  • Participated in a 4-person Executive Management Team developing plans for reorganization and downsizing of $170 enterprise.
  • Identified legal requirements to implement the downsizing and restructuring of ten regional offices to six, including union contract provisions requiring relocation opportunities.
  • Negotiated with labor union to provide alternative employment opportunities for field-office employees in planned downsizing and closing of several regional offices.
  • Represented Federal agency and its senior leadership in Personnel litigation claiming violations of union consultations, racial discrimination, sex discrimination and sexual harassment.
  • Identified legal, budgetary, and related issues necessary to eliminate some of the 50 state offices maintained by a Federal agency to administer grants to Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs) employing over 400,000.
  • For a Federal agency, oversaw separation of the Director of Public Affairs and subordinate staffs from the Office of Associate Director for Congressional, Intergovernmental & Public Affairs, and merger of the Congressional and intergovernmental liaison functions within an enhanced Office of General Counsel and Legislative Affairs.